Addressing your manufacturing needs In the pacific Northwest

Many of us live and work in remote areas embedded in rough terrain. Sometimes, simply running down to the corner store to grab a jug of water or a few gallons of diesel fuel just isn't an option. When you have to store or haul large quantities of gasoline, diesel, propane, aviation fuel or even water, Greer Inc is your number-one source for high-durability tanks of all sizes. Since 1952, we've established ourselves throughout the Pacific Northwest as the go-to company for custom welding, steel fabrication, waterjet cutting and much more. We look forward to earning your business!

Anchorage, Alaska

The welder weld root weld from inside of the housing
At Greer Tank Inc's Anchorage, Alaska plant, we have the capability to fabricate tanks to your exact specifications in steel, aluminum and stainless. In addition, we can equip your tanks with add-ons like pumps, catwalk ladders, flame shields and skids. Think of us as well for polyethylene under- and above-ground water tanks and septic tanks. We even carry ATV trailers! 

Fairbanks, Alaska

Worker welding steel structure
Greer Tank & Welding was founded right here in Fairbanks. That means we know first-hand what people who work in the oil field, timber or commercial fishing industries are up against because we've been up against those very things ourselves. Our tanks are made with the highest-quality materials, and our welding techniques will stand up to the tests of time and nature.

Lakewood, Washington

Welding work
Regardless of your location in the Pacific Northwest or your welding or steel fabrication needs, Greer Steel, Inc has what it takes to get the job done right. With our fleet of delivery vehicles operating out of our three plants in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Lakewood, we can deliver your tanks to the most isolated areas, even the Coastal communities that are only accessible by water. 
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