Septic Tanks

Reliable septic tanks

We never compromise on the quality of our products at Greer. You'll appreciate that commitment when it comes time to pick out a septic tank for your home or business. We offer only the most durable septic tanks in a wide variety of configurations to perfectly meet your needs. Take a look below at our available options.
Septic tanks

Steel Septic Tanks

While steel septic tanks do not last as long as polyethylene, they have the advantage of being extremely versatile in their dimensions. Since you have more options to choose from, you have greater control over how it is installed and maintained on your property.

Our steel septic tanks range in size from a minimum of:
500 gallons @ 46" diameter/73" length/420 lbs, with 12GA thickness

To a maximum of:
12,000 gallons (2) @ 84" diameter/43' length/11,800 lbs, with 1/4" thickness

Polyethylene Septic Tanks

Polyethylene is an ideal material for septic tanks. Because they are impervious to rust and corrosion, you almost never have to worry about leakage. Additionally, they boast superior durability, and can withstand the elements for decades. Installation of polyethylene tanks is less labor intensive than other types, making this an aggressively priced septic tank option as well.

Our polyethylene tanks come in three sizes:
PE1000SE @ 59" height/102" length/78" width/670 lbs
PE1250SE @ 68" height/102" length/78" width/740 lbs
PE1500SE @ 77" height/102" length/78" width/805 lbs
When it's time to upgrade your old septic system, give one of our local Greer locations a call!
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